Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Wimpy Pseudo Blogroll, III: Neo-Neocon

Worth a look. I'll let my abstract-intellectual mantle slip a bit here: I share some sentiments with this person.

More than anything I have been struck by the following, which also serves as a (slightly prolix) Quote of the Day:
I always find it curious when people act as though, by dint of supporting some of Bush's foreign policies (which I most definitely do), a person is therefore responsible for, and needs to account for and differentiate him/herself from, every utterance made by every person on the entire spectrum of the right.

.... Your feeling that I need to do this might be an indication, I believe, that
you feel that each movement is a monolithic whole, and that anyone who espouses some sort of agreement with someone on a certain "side" is therefore responsible for what everyone who supports that person has said, as though we all march in lockstep.
This is someone who appears to be doing her level best to not just be "rearranging her prejudices" -- and to be working on others', as well. Need I say I approve? I do, heartily.


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