Monday, January 23, 2006

My Wimpy Pseudo Blogroll, II: Sleep Dirt

The connections between sleep and mood are well known, and curiously circuitous. I have been wondering how and whether to tackle this, since mood has a big impact on gumption. Enter Circadiana, which appears to be a most worthy blog, and not merely because it gets me off the hook. Its author Bora Zivkovik belongs on my blogroll, as soon as I get around to creating the real thing. A hat tip to MakeZine's issue # 03 for the pointer.
'I love Miss Frizzle from the cartoon "The Magic School Bus". She always says "Make connections, kids, make connections!"'
Amen to that. His top post today tries to connect some dots between sleep and mood in an interesting way. Extended sleep deprivation seems strongly correlated with reduced immune system function. This is more grist for that mill.

Joe-Nort says check it out.


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