Saturday, January 21, 2006

"You Can't Innovate Flawlessly"

One from Tom Evslin:

"Fear of mistakes makes people move too slowly. Fear of mistakes creates endless meetings where people seek a meaningless consensus in order to be able to share the blame if things go wrong. Most important, fear of being blamed for a mistake causes people to cover up – often even from themselves."

The whole article is worth a read.

Several perfectionists of my acquaintance have the problem that they're frequently disorganized and slovenly. I deduce that this is because the order that would satisfy them is virtually unattainable, so they simmer in drek. The meaningless consensus within an individual's society of mind is just as meaningless as anything ever seen in a corporate setting.

And yes, one of those perfectionists is me. More to follow. :) ;)

There's a Myers-Briggs -- Kiersey Temperament observation here: misapplication of "J" (the component of personality labeled "Judging") can really spike one's efforts to build new habits.


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