Monday, August 01, 2005

META: Two Typography Issues

  1. I am told that the Greek word " arete' ", which I have used frequently, might not render well in all browsers. I am researching this.
  2. I am experimenting with the medium. In order to catch hurried readers' eyes, or when I am passionate or playful, I throw "too much" emphasis and bolding in. Yes, this clutters up the page. There is a solution for this, based on another thing proposed by my friend Don de la Mancha, but Blogger and the Web aren't able to support it yet. And I haven't figured out how/if Blogger can do footnotes, or I'd use them to streamline things. Stretchtext, where art thou?
I beg your indulgence. I pray thee: construe my meaning; wrest not my method.

Thanks for reading. (This post has been back-dated.)


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