Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Wimpy Pseudo Blogroll

When I learn how to do this right, I will; for now, this is a placeholder and shout-out to underappreciated or new blogs I think worthy. I will continue to revise this, so don't be permalinking here, ya dig? --Norty


AWESOME thinkers:

My first contest winner, James Bach, has a blog that has two components. One is about software testing, ostensibly. But the dude is saying stuff with much broader applicability. I am sure I'll be mining his writings and trying to clone parts of his brain so I can keep his faculties close at hand. He is one of the best thinkers-out-loud I have ever come across.

Cute chicks who think:

Fräulein Agatha Clay another college student, this time in an alternate history (sorry, fellas!). On perilous academic separation in an alternate-past gaslamp / steampunk romance set in a post-catastrophe Ost-zum-Mitteleuropa, she faces adversity most gumptiously (that's gumption + scrumptious). Rated PG 13 for swashbuckling, mild cursing and occasional flashes of Victorian unmentionables.


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