Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I, Nortius: being a Species of Introduction

Hello, I'm the Nortius Maximus (he said, humbly). Well, no, not this Nortius Maximus, I mean, well, obviously.... No, no, I'm sure he's a perfectly fine fellow and all that... Well, look, if you're going to be that way about it... well, I mean, "the" Blogospheric Nortius Maximus, I mean, clearly, I am---just Google me.... Oh very well.

"At least, for the moment, I appear to be the Blogospheric Nortius Maximus." (Happy Now?) Ahem.

My boon compatriot 'Marcus Cicero' (of Blogger, Winds of Change and now Donklephant, q.v.a.) suggests it's time I broadened the Nortius Maximus brand by starting a Blogger account. Here I am.

About the blog name: The term "gumptionology" is from Robert M. Pirsig. He's a worthy man. Of him, and it, more later.

About my nom de plume: In days gone by, a misbehaving urchin asked to identify himself might say, "Puddin' Tame. Ask me again, I'll tell you the same!" If asked again, he might repeat that, as promised---or (eventually) escalate: "John Brown. Ask me again and I'll knock you down!" The latter's pugnacity might startle an adversary enough for the speaker to escape---or at least give notice that his name was "none of your bee's wax", as the saying went. (Does that saying still go? Please advise...)

In a similar vein, in Monty Python's Life of Brian, "Nortius Maximus" is how a Roman Legionary identifies himself to Brian's mother, before doing something he probably oughtn't. It's a bad joke the Pythons probably encountered in primary school: Nortius="Naughtiest"; Nortius Maximus="Most Naughtiest"---geddit?

So: picture me as a Roman citizen who, rough around the edges, irreverent, wondering if he ought to be caught doing this, is still willing to be a part of his civilization. I vow I'll keep my gladius strapped, mostly.

My apologies: this post is a trivial, exploratory one. One of the things I want to see is how long it takes for comment sp@m to arrive. I'll bloviate soon enough.


Blogger Marcus Cicero said...

Bravo. I know this blog will be a gem in the blogosphere.

20 July, 2005 14:46  
Blogger Nortius Maximus said...

Just remember, pearls dissolve in wine. :P)

20 July, 2005 16:55  
Blogger Joe Katzman said...

spam, spam, spam, spam
spam, spam, spam, spam
spammity spam! wonderful spam!
spammity spam! wonderful spam!

Didn't want to disappoint you with a long wait that might make you feel ignored. Welcome to the blogosphere.

20 July, 2005 23:40  
Blogger Nortius Maximus said...

Thanks, Joe. A "welcome" from you means a lot to me.

02 August, 2005 00:35  

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