Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bat bloodstreams blown-out by blades?

OK, this is truly sad/strange. Calgary researcher seem to have found that an inordinate seeming number of bats are being killed by wind turbines not from outright collisions but due to the pressure drop near the lifting surfaces damaging the capillaries in their little batty lungs...

Sigh. Ain't nothin' simple.


Blogger Steadikenn said...

I think it shows an incredible shortsightedness on the bats part. Fer cryin out loud, capillaries? What till those über bats with capillaries like sausage casings take over the world.

22 September, 2008 17:21  
Blogger Nortius Maximus said...

You get bonus points for spelling über the old school way.

22 September, 2008 17:26  

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