Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hiatus? What Hiatus?

Here's a link to a beautiful quick demonstration of inattentional blindness.

Richard Wiseman's AMAZING COLOR CHANGING CARD TRICK (via Youtube).

I will avoid putting spoilers here, but I do think it worth commenting on. Maybe soon.

Hat tip to Jeff Fry via the AST's AST UPDATE pdf zine.

The next time you are facing a gumption trap in your life, I hope you can find a way to consider, in a more relaxed and constructive way: Hmmm. What is it I'm not paying attention to?


Anonymous Planter said...

Excellent! Good to see you back at updating Gumptionology. I appreciate (and sometimes pity you for) your moderating duties at WoC, and the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance reference in the name here just won me over in an instant.

30 August, 2008 22:09  
Blogger Nortius Maximus said...

Thanks, Planter. I let my eye stray off the ball for a while here at Gumptionology, but I still think there are things worth saying here. I just need to take it as seriously as I do sweeping up virtual cigarette butts over at WoC.

Please add my feed to your aggregator, if any. I hope to post more about issues salient to Pirsig and other fun stuff in the coming months. We Shall See.

30 August, 2008 22:16  
Anonymous Planter said...

Already added. I finally got with the times and quit using Firefox livemarks, which don't tell you when a blog has updated the way a proper reader does. I can imagine sometimes you might have trouble finding time, what with all the cigarette butts that seem to end up at WoC.

31 August, 2008 15:50  

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